English - The first PCHMG event with Hallengaming, ApicModmode, Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded (Bullshooter & P5ych0), Hardware Mert, PC Schmiede & EZModding

About two months ago we met in Duisburg to speak with the guys from Hallengaming about an idea we had. And from this idea our first "PCHMG Live Event" was born!

The event was supported by the official PCHMG partners Cooler Master and Noiseblocker through Hardware and merchandise items. Thank you very much!

1. The location - Hallengaming

2. Live Extreme Overclocking with Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded (Tino aka P5ych0 and Frank aka Bullshooter)

3. Mod Exhibition with Daniel from ApicModmode

4. Water Cooling component exhibit with EZModdin

5. CPU Delidding with PC Schmiede

6. PCHMG CS:GO Team & PUBG Tournament

1. The location - Hallengaming

This event was brought to life in cooperation with Hallengaming, and we were only able to carry it out, because we were allowed to use the rooms, Internet etc. together with them. On top of that we were able to work with Red Bull to set up lots of high tables, refrigerators (of course filled), a Red Bull Game Station and of course loads of caffeine.

Apart from the game room with over 10 completed PC-systems that could be used for gaming, we created a public viewing corner in the car port with a projector and - due to bad weather - enough radiant heaters for cozy warmth. This allowed everybody to watch the CS:GO Match and our PUBG tournament live via Twitch on the big screen - presented by our first-class caster Bernhard aka Crankz.

Our physical well-being was provided through lots of Red Bull and soft drinks, sausages, potato chips and much more. The donor doesn't want to be named here, but we still want to say a huge "THANK YOU" for the amazing support of our event!

2. Live Overclocking with Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded - P5ych0 and Bullshooter set new records!

We did not only just bench and overclock a little bit onsite, but we rather used more than 100 liters of LN2 (liquid nitrogen) to set top 10 world records!

Tino and Frank of OC-Team Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded answered all the questions people had during the event and managed to present us an unbelievable show with current high-end hardware for the entire evening until late at night.

Bullshooter Hardware:

i9 7980XE (Skylake-X) @5,000 MHz

Nvidia RTX 2080ti (Hall of Fame) @2,475MHz / 8,250MHz

Asus ROG Rampage VI Apex

32GB DDR4 (Hall of Fame) 12-12-12-28

Seasonic Platinum 1200W (Special Edition)

On this evening Bullshooter made a 4th place on the world wide single-GPU 3DMark Timespy ranking with 19061 points, as well as another fourth place in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra with 11121 points! This of course positions him on the world wide fourth place in general for the current top GPU RTX 2080Ti.

Fire Strike Ultra:


Time Spy - 19061 Points


P5ych0 Hardware:

i9 9900k

16GB G.Skill TridentZ @4,133MHz 12-12-12-28

Asus ROG Maximus XI Gene

Seasonic Platinum 1200W (Special Edition)

The achieved values are as astonishing as they are crazy for every "normal" PC enthusiast.

7690 points at 6900MHz on an Intel 9900k in the Single Core Test of Geekbench3 which is a 7th place world wide of all CPUs as well as the second place of the 9900k's.

Additionally there is another 7th world wide rank of all eight core CPUs in the HWBOT x265 1080P Benchmark with 99.295 FPS and the 6th rank of all 9900k's in this benchmark.

Another two 7th placs in Cinebench R11.5 with 31.89 Punkten at 6598.4Mhz on the 8-Core, and 9900k lists.

An last but not least - we are not done yet! There's an 11th place in the GPUPI 1B Score with 1min, 58sec, 957ms - again on the 8-Core and 9900k lists.

GEEKBENCH3 - Single Core - 7690 Points


HWBOT X265 - 1080P - 99.295 fps


GPUPI CPU - 1B - 1min 58sec 957ms


Cinebench - R11.5 - 31.89 Punkte



During the evening we set the following OC-Records together with Bullshooter and PSych0 of Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded - live on the PCHMG Event:

Timespy: 4. Rank worldwide for single-GPU, as well as all 2080ti's

Fire Strike Ultra: 4. Platz worldwide for single-GPU, as well as all 2080ti's

Geekbench3 - Single Core: 7. Rank world wide for all CPUs, 2. rank of all 9900k's

HWBOT X265 1080P: 92. Place worldwide, 7. rank of all 8core CPU's, 6. rank of all 9900k's

GPUPI 1B: 138. place worldwide, 11. rank of all 8core CPU's, 11. rank of all 9900k's

Cinebench R11.5: 179. place worldwide, 7. rank of all 8core CPU's, 7. rank of all 9900k's

These guys are not only professional overclockers, that know their trade exceptionally well - but they have also provided assistance and guidance to all of us, answered questions and spend a really cool (it was liquid nitrogen after all ;) ) evening with us. It may have been the first but definitely not the last event with you!

3. Mod Ausstellung - Mit Daniel von ApicModmode

Next to some really awesome systems that have already been onsite at Hallengaming or brought onsite by our visitors - we had a couple of really special ones to show.

Daniel from ApicModmode brought four of his current Mods with him, to be admired by our guests. And on top of that thanks to Daniel we were able to take a peek at the current top gaming monitor from ASUS (PG27UQ) with 4k and 144hz.

Real Eye Candy for every gamer!

4. Water cooling components exhibit with Konrad & Konrad from EZModding

The guys of EZModding sell Bykski watercooling components, high quality sleeved cables and other hardware in their online shop - and they have been PCHMG partners for a while.

For our event they did not only bring a wide selection of their current connectors and fittings, but also many CPU and GPU blocks, aluminum fan frames, some sleeve samples, GPU holders and much more.

This allowed every, odder and PC enthusiast to check everything out and also get a sneak peek on some new products that can be bought at EZModding soon.

Thank you for coming and for bringing all the components!

If you are interested in something from their range of goods - then check our their shop:


5. CPU-Delidding with Yves from "PC Schmiede"

PC Schmiede is well known for having "beheaded" some CPUs in our community already and is therefore our official executioner for all Intel CPUs in PCHMG.

On site we were able to watch how the heatspreader of multiple CPUs was removed to allow to put liquid metal on the Die below. This allows for better thermal conductivity and lower CPU temperatures. Every necessary step was explained throughly in our live videos - and onsite we were able to answer all questions.

At the end a Sky Lake 6600k, a Coffee Lake 8700k and a Skylake-X 7820x were able to enjoy better temperatures.

We used the Der8auer Delid-Die-Mate tools, Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal and Cooler Master - Master Gel for insulation. Everything was glued together with UHU High Temperature Silicon.

And here you can watch the complete video (in German) which can be seen as delidding tutorial. Of course with a lot of background noise - as everybody else had a lot of fun at the event ;)

6. CS:GO Match - PCHMG Team vs Hallengaming & PUBG Tournament

Our official PCHMG CS:GO Team - that just climbed up in the 99Damage league (Good job for that!) - challenged the boys from Hallengaming in a little friendly match.

Our Team:


The game was presented by our first class caster Bernhard aka Crankz and people could watch it live onsite via projector. We also streamed the match on our Twitch channel "PCHMGEntertainment" - if you missed it, you can go and watch the full stream today on Twitch

or just the CS:GO Match on YouTube!

On top of this we had a PUBG tournament with everybody that wanted to join onsite as well as at home with the community. We were able to offer some cool prizes from Cooler Master and Noiseblocker for the winners!

This match was of course also presented by Crankz and streamed on Twitch. (You can watch the streams over there on our channel right now!)

The winner of a total of three rounds was on site, so he was able to take his prize home with him. The other winners have already gotten their prize via mail. Congratulations and enjoy the stuff.

It was a lot of fun to watch you guys on the projector on site! It was definitely not the last time, that we have had such a tournament! :)

We say thank you to all our sponsors, guests and of course VIPs of the event. We had a lot of fun and we will definitely plan a follow up event next year - but this time with some higher outside temperatures!

What's your opinion about our first event? Any questions? Post is in the comments below!

If you are not a part of our PCHMG community yet it's just about time ;)